Usmle or Plab? Which one is better

Hello everyone!
I am Liya Akber. First-year medical student at the University of Georgia, Georgia. I am an Indian citizen.I’m thankful to road to UK for this amazing opportunity to help everyone.

Iam really confused that should I give a try for usmle or plab , if I opt usmle I have to start preparing now and planning to write step 1 in my third year . Usmle is very expensive than plab and no guarantee wheater we will get a match.

I really wanted to know more about plab that is it as comparing to Usmle, and as I am from India our English is comply different will it be a problem because I have heard like that and if we get into plab should we spent any money to residency?


Your English will not be a problem necessarily for PLAB, just get your English exams done (IELTS/OET)

And No you don’t spend anymore in the UK pathway applying for or getting into residency relative to the USMLE

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