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Hello there ! I graduated as a doctor here in Argentina last year. It is a 6 year programme. During the last 3 years we initiate the “clinical practice” stage and begin our own patient contact and hospital practice. During the final year we get to rotate through a wide variety of specialties and “work” as a doctor, with direct patient contact and a huge load of interventions and ward hours (all under the supervision of other qualified doctors)
My question is, since we do not have a proper definition of “internship” as many countries do, how do I know if my practice and experience as an undergraduate counts as an acceptable pattern of internship as an IMG? in order to get my full registration by the GMC ? Will my university and local hospital need to provide any sort of certificate?

PS: I have also been working in the emergency department in my local public hospital during my two final years as a medical student, where I got to learn and do a lot of interventions, which many experience once they become residents (maybe that helps ?)

Thank you and good luck to all future applicants!

Hello @juan_cruz_rubianes

You can read more about this here:

For you pattern of “interniship” to be valid you must have finished your all your classes and have continous 1 year or 1 year and a half training with certain number of months in surgery and medicine. I do recommend talking to GMC about your case, but what I have seen in facebook posts is that Argentinians get provisional registration and apply for FY1.

Do let me know if you have more doubts.

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Thank you very much for your response !
I have finished all my lectures and exams. I did a whole year of training as an undergraduate in various specialties and when finished I got my PMQ as a doctor here in Argentina
Would that count as a valid internship? (You see, we must complete a year of those practices as an undergrad before getting our medical degree)

I will call GMC to clear that out anyways

Thank you again !

Juan si hiciste un año extra despues de tu PMQ creeeria que si vale como internado. Sin embargo echale ojito a este grupo de facebook, ahi hay muchos argentinos con dudas como las tuyas y que estan en el proceso de registro con el GMC.

Cualquier cosa me vas contando!

Muchas gracias Gabriela has sido muy amable. Le hecho un ojo al grupo en seguida. Gracias y Suerte !

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