Verification of Provisional Medical Degree for UKFP Aspirants

Hello Everyone and UKFP Aspirants !
As we all know that UKFP is an intricate and elaborate pathway and even after being eligible and clearing the required exams namely :

  • IELTS / OET ( The requirement here is 7.5 band in all 4 domains in one sitting )
  • PLAB 1
  • Clinical Assessment ( If applicable )
  • SJT
  • PLAB 2

We have to get our Provisional Degree EPIC Verified and then apply for GMC Provisional Registration.
However in many Asian Countries we get a PROVISIONAL DEGREE as we have not completed an internship. ( we only get our decorative diploma after 1 year internship ). So my question ( along with multiple UKFP aspirants who i am in touch with ) is that will our Provisional Degree help us gain a GMC Provisional Registration?

Thank You for reading.

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It is a very commonly asked question and you will see that different individuals had different experiences in this matter.

I can only speculate here as the final verdict lies in the hands of who is handling your application in GMC.

  • If your graduation is NOT dependent on internship - that means you have obtained your medical degree after your final medical exams and it’s just your university that delays on giving you the final medical diploma, in this case, EPIC verifying your provisional medical degree MIGHT work.

It’s a big "might". There are chances GMC may not accept the EPIC verification as it was a provisional certificate and you will have to wait till you get your final medical diploma and verify via EPIC again. :frowning_face:

  • If your graduation is DEPENDENT on your internship, then without internship completed you are not even a medical graduate in the eyes of your university. Thus, in this case, w/o internship you can’t take PLAB (as it requires you to be a medical graduate) → you can join UKFP (as you had to complete a period of internship as part of your graduation).

The other pathways for you in the latter case is to try for any of the following (as with internship you will be allowed full registration):

  • FY2 Standalone
  • Non-training jobs
  • Directly enter into a CT1/ST1 training job (if eligible)

I know it was not a very encouraging answer, but it is how things are laid out for IMGs.

Hi,This year is my internship year but I can only complete it online since I can’t go back to China,I will graduate and get my certificate in next year June.I considered take Plab exam in next year Nov, after complete it can I able to get provisional registration and apply for UKFP?

Hello!. If we have completed our 1 year internship then we cannot apply for FY1 year of UKFP. However you could apply for the FY2 Standalone pathway

Thank for replying.
I can’t go back to China to complete my pre-graduate internship due to COVID-19,I can’t provide any evidence of my clinical experience, so I wonder if I can apply for UKFP instead of FY2 Standalone pathway?

Yes you can provided you don’t start/complete your internship. First step would be to get the desired score in IELTS or OET to be eligible for UKFP.

OK Thank you so much.