Visa extension tier 2

Hi guys.
Quick question
Just applying to extend my tier 2 visa
Had 2 questions:

  1. Is this a health and care visa?
  2. It asked me if my CoS mentioned about English language, I answered no and it asked if I had provided evidence of my English in a previous application and I said yes (I provided evidence when I first applied for a tier 2 from Pakistan)
    Is that ok?

Thank you

Is this a health and care visa?

Yes, it is a health and care visa as you are applying for a skilled worker visa under the NHS.

English language

Can you please elaborate the questions a bit further as the context is not clear to me.

On the visa application the question was:

Does your CoS mention that your English language skills are ok? (I don’t remember the exact wording)

I answered no

The follow up question was:

Have you provided proof of English language proficiency in your previous applications?
And the subtext says:
You would have to provide proof if you have previously applied for a tier 2 visa

I answered yes to this question as provided my
Ielts as proof when I first applied for a tier 2 visa and since every application after that has been an extension from within the uk I assume that should be ok

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