Visa for unemployed fresh graduate

I graduated in the 29th of May 2021 and I have my PLAB1 in august 2022. I did a clinical attachement for 4 months in a private pediatrics clinic in my city that finished in 2021. Since I have studied medicine in French and have a bad memory in general, I decided to dedicate all upcoming months to PLAB1 preparation = I don’t have a job. I do a few shifts in private emergencies here & there, but nothing official. And I’m trying to get involved in research with my thesis mentor, but she’s really slow & busy, so technically we haven’t published anything yet. Besides that, I have traveled many times to Europe in the past few years, my parents were always my sponsors. I also traveled to Europe after my graduation & respected my travel duration as always.
I’m taking my PLAB1 in the UK since that’s the closest country to me besides Spain. (I need visa for both, so I picked up UK since I can also use my visa for PLAB2 hopefully.)
I see many people getting their visa rejected, and I worry it’s gonna be my case too, since I don’t have an official job & have no property on my name.
What are my chances? And what should I do? Thanks a lot.

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Visa is really a headache and a half. :cry:

When I was planning my PLAB 2 visa I was in a very similar situation. No job, no money of my own - as I just finished my internship.

The way I planned it.

  1. Making sure you have financial sponsor who is personally related to you, with sound explanation of their regular income and a good portion of liquid assets.
  2. Explain your own financial situation well. Even if you make zero money, explicitly state that and explain that is why you have a sponsor to support this visit.
  3. Emphasize on explaining how it is just a few days thing. You should show your visit as short as 15-20 days (maybe a month to the maximum) because PLAB 1 is just a one day exam. Explain each day itenerary with dates. Include possibility of COVID quarantine and all.
  4. Show your family as your tie back to your country.
  5. Even if you intend to take PLAB 2 on the same visa, refrain from explaining that as you can’t show any proof of that.

If you are allowed visa it will be a minimum of 6 months anyway and you can then plan to do whatever in the remaining time after PLAB 1.

If you want to read in further detail I’ll suggest you explore the PLAB 2 Planning category of articles in our blog.


Thanks a lot Ibrahim. Truly appreciate your help. I will not mention PLAB2 at all, following your recommendations, as it could indeed be not so much in my favor. Thanks a lot, and wish you & Ibreez the best of luck :hugs: