Visitor Visa Extension for Clinical Attachment

Greetings of goodwill, fellow doctors! I hope this message finds you well. :pray:

I was wondering if anyone has applied for a visitor visa extension on the the basis of doing a clinical attachment? It would be extremely helpful to hear about your application experiences, timeline, and what you would have done differently. :blush:

Personally, I am planning to do a clinical attachment in June-July (after completing PLAB 2), however, my visa was issued a month earlier than expected (it expires late June). Hence, I am currently looking into the possibility of a visitor visa extension.

Any suggestion / advice will be highly appreciated!


If you’re asking if it would be possible to extend your visa based on the fact you’ve been offered an attachment, then yes it is very likely. Along with your submission for an extension, submit as evidence of your offer letter and you’ll likely get an extended visa. Good luck!

You need to be extremely careful with timeline of your application. It takes 8-12 weeks for response from Home Office regarding your visa. During this time, you will not be eligible to enroll in Clinical Attachment. The HR department will need proof of your right to stay in UK and most trust will not allow you to do clinical attachment until your visa extension gets approved.