What are the common tactics that scammers use to trick people who are looking for a PLAB1 seat?

Hello Drs.

I am currently facing a difficult situation with the PLAB1 test as sadly there are not any seats available anytime and anywhere. So I decided to post on different telegram and WhatsApp groups stating that if someone is planning to cancel their plab1 test I can pay for the cancellation fee.
As a result, I have got many messages from “Drs” mentioning that they got their seats because they paid £100 to “Dr X” and he got them a seat.

I noticed that they said:

1.2You will need to give your GMC account and password to the Dr, pay £100 and he will get you a seat.
2. This Dr works in the GMC database so that is why he can get seats.

I tried to upload the SS but the system did not let me do it.

What other ways do you guys know?

Thanks in advance.

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i will give my personal opinion : All this seems very shady/unethical/risky to me. You never know what a person could do with your account/password. Also GMC specifically stated NOT to share our passwords. It’s just not safe. Im also waiting for a PLAB seat and Hopefully we will be able to book them when GMC officially releases them in Nov/Dec 2022. This is the only ethical/safest way.


Hello! Has this method actually worked for some people?