What is the process to enter FY2 Standalone?

Getting to know more on FY2 standalone .

  • Can you apply only once a year like the UKFPO?
  • What is the procedure and requirements to apply for a FY2 standalone ?
  • How different is it from the Non Training jobs?
  • Anything more to consider while choosing this pathway

Will be more than happy to receive elaborate guidance on this.
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Yes. FY2 standalone usually starts at the same as UKFP - in August every year. The application for FY2 standalone starts around January of that year. And, it’s once a year.

Please check the How do I apply section of the article - FY2 Standalone (LAT) for IMGs.

How different is it from the Non Training jobs?

Very different.

  • Usually non-training jobs (NT) are in one specialty (or maybe rotational in sub-specialties), but FY2 standalone will be usually a mix of 3 specialties (4-month rotation).
  • YOU can choose which jobs to apply for in case of NT jobs and decide to take it or not when offered, but in case of FY2 standalone there is preferencing and offers at place which leaves your job selection a bit to chances.
  • FY2 standalone is under a training program so you will have plans in place to ensure your progression. But, NT jobs are mainly service provision - you will have to take almost all steps by yourself for your career progression (which is very doable).
  • If you don’t like an NT job you can easily change/resign (following the job contract). But that’s not the case for FY2 standalone.

Watch this video for further elaboration: FY2 Stanslone vs Non Training | Where should an IMG start?

Anything more to consider while choosing this pathway

If you are inclined in making a career in surgery (or other specialties), where there is overqualification criteria, you may choose to join FY2 standalone as it will not be counted in this criteria, but a non-training job will be counted.

Feel free to ask if you want to know anything further.