What’s next after F2?

Hi there

I am currently an CFF2 in the uk and I want to go to dermatology in future …
can you suggest me what should I do next after foundation year 2 ?

I know there one way of IMT TRAINING and then chose your specialty ?

Any other way you could suggest ???

Hi @Kriti!

The usual pathway after fy2 to Dermatology Training goes basically this way:

First, you need to go through a “core training” that can be one of the following:
a) 2-3 years Internal Medicine + MRCP
b) 3 years Acute Medicine + MRCP
c) 3 years Peeds + 1 year of Internal Medicine + MRCPCH.

After core training, you’re eligible to apply for higher speciality training: 4years of Dermatology, then the final exam, Speciality Certificate Examination in Dermatology.

Bear in mind that all of this depends on your level of experience back home or in the UK.

Best of luck with your journey! Hope it was helpful. :cherry_blossom: