Will GMC accept my internship if I couldn't do it in China?

I’m a final year MBBS student, from China (originally from Pakistan). I can’t go back to China for my 6th year of internship due to COVID and flight restrictions.

The plan is to prepare and pass PLAB 1 & 2 during 6th year, get degree from university (in China) and then do one year internship in Pakistan (after graduation) which will make me eligible for full license of Pakistan (before this i will pass both licensing exams of Pakistan).

I’m worried if GMC will not accept my internship or ask me to give reason why I couldn’t do internship. Even if I say I couldn’t go back to China due to COVID, they might ask me then how I graduated because according to rules of China, pre-graduation internship is compulsory. I can’t even do internship in Pakistan because according to rules of Pakistan, I must have graduated (have degree) to do internship here.

The question is, well I be eligible if I do it the way as I mentioned in my plan above.


Hey! I am final year student from China and just like you i too wont be able to do my internship in China .
So i think its best if you contact your university right now and confirm whether you can complete internship in Pakistan and get graduated. Because i contacted my university and they had no issues with mw completing internship in a different country.

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Rohan, thanks for replying.
The university allowed me and my senior batches to do internship in Pakistan but as I mentioned earlier According to the rules of Pakistan, I must have graduated to start my internship. If I start volunteering internship; the hospital and medical council of Pakistan won’t issue any certificate or proof so it’s gonna be a kind of gap year.

Okay i understand. My seniors did an online internship so that they wont waste a year technically. Is it possible for you to do your internship online ? I know online internship sounds very disheartening but it might help you to get the degree and have no clinical gaps.

I’m an Indian student doing mbbs in china. I will be graduating this June 2022 via online mode after online internship, since we are unable to return to china due to the pandemic. So my doubt is , will my certificate be valid and accepted by GMC ? And also will I be able to get provisional registration in uk for FY1 to do internship?? If you have any insights regarding this topic please do share !

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I am medical student in China and have same questions as you mentioned above ,Did you solve that problem?

I completed my course in june,now our university is planning to call us back,so there is a chance that i might do internship from china, inorder to apply for GMC registration do we need to have a permanent registration from india do we need to pass fmge,what about work experience… after passing from china and doing internship there can we directly go for plab.

hello. i’m in the exact same position as you. No, registration from India is not a must. However the full medical diploma is required for GMC registration for which we have to complete one year of internship be it in china or india ( by clearing fmge exam )

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