Will my clerkship in the Philippines be accepted as internship by GMC UK?

Hi I m studying MD in philippines as they follow US, Canada based curriculum.
Premedical B. S = 2years MD = 4 Years So MD is of 4 years. 4th year is …whole year in hospital.
Internal Medicine = 2 months Surgery = 2 months Pediatrics = 2 months Obstertics and gynaecology = 2 months Community medicine = 1months Psychiatry = 1months Eye, ear, nose, throat = 1 months please guide me after 1 year whole clerkship. do I need to do foundation year in uk?

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Yes , you will need to go through the foundation program since you haven’t completed an acceptable pattern of internship and you only went through clinical rotations.

NB; Your 4th year is just clinical rotation/clerkship and not an internship (I stand to be corrected), so in this case, you are eligible for a provisional license which can only be used for Foundation Program.

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I echo what @Edd1z said.

An internship is something like an approved training post by the local medical regulatory board in order to obtain full registration in that country.

A USA medical graduate will only obtain provisional registration with GMC UK, as the USA doesn’t have the concept of doing a rotational internship unless the grad goes to another country and does an approved internship by that country, which will be accepted by GMC UK.

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