Will my internship be accepted by the GMC?

Because of COVID, my pre graduate internship was reduced from 12 months to 10 months. However, this will be considered as an acceptable internship for my country’s national medical board and I will be able to work here with no problems. But I´m unsure if this can affect the possibility of being considered as an appropriate internship as its not the 12 months required. I have contacted my teachers and they have told they’ll try to find a way to solve this situation. Is there a way to justify the lack of 2 month in my internship?. Has it been done before?. Thanks for your time.

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Unfortunately, no one other than GMC can give you a satisfactory answer to this question. And they will unlikely entertain before you actually apply for registration.

You should have a contingency plan for the chance they don’t accept it and you can be given provisional registration and plan for UKFP.


Hello sir ,
I am from India and did my graduation from china but stuck in india due to covid and china is still not calling us back , i wanna ask can I do my internship from 3rd country ? Will gmc accept this ?
Thank u :slight_smile:

Yes, as long as it follows the GMC Approved internship criteria, the internship would be accepted by them for full GMC registration.