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Getting Started

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

GMC Registration

GMC, which stands for General Medical Council, is the medical regulatory board of the UK. Among various things. they manage the registration for doctors, GPs, and specialists.

Tests & Exams

This is a broad category that includes all the exams that are required to work in the UK.

UK Visa

Those of us require a visa to come to the UK to take related exams, it is a massive step. Each of the cases is individual but, it all can be done by yourself.

UK Living

There is a life outside of your work and settling into a new country is no joke. In this category, we will discuss anything related to living in the UK.

Working as a doctor

Everything related to working as a doctor in the UK, starting from foundation training to specialty training is under this broad category.

Higher Education

Are you interested in pursuing Master’s or higher education in the UK?