A Road map about how to study for PLAP

Hello everyone, I am a medical student in the fourth year. I searched for how to prepare for the PLAP exam, but I am confused… I know the basic steps, but I want to know where to start. There are many sources, but I want a plan: how to organize a study schedule and which section to start studying… In short, I want to know how to study for PLAP

Hi Mohamed! My name is Eileen and I’m currently in the UK to give my PLAB 2. I appreciate the proactive step you are taking to plan your professional journey to the UK and this will hold you in good stead in the future.
As for guidance as to where to start, I think the Road to UK team has an extensive compilation of videos and blogs explaining every step of the journey, which I have found to be very resourceful. I would also advise you to go through the official GMC website as they have all the latest updates and guidelines as well as a tool to help you find which pathway would be best suited for you.
Hope this was useful. All the best!

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