Acceptable Pattern of Internship


I am a graduate from Malaysia. i have a question regarding acceptable pattern of internship. In Malaysia, once we graduated from medical school, we can apply for provisional registration with the medical council here and following that would be a 24 months internship before we get a full registration.

Since GMC states that an acceptable pattern of internship fro GMC registration only requires a minimum of 12 months, is it possible to stop the internship programme halfway? Would that affect the registration in any way?

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Hi @shafiqzhr!

As far as I know, you can’t stop your internship halfway. In order to apply for GMC full registration you’ll need a certificate confirming successful completion of the programme and a detailed timeline of your rotations. You can read more about it right here.

If 12 months is a better option for you, you can always join UKFP right after graduation or choose another country for your internship.

Hope it was helpful. Please let us know if you need anything else. Have a great day😊

I am a Malaysian and a year 4 medical student studying in China.I can’t go back to China to complete my pre-graduate internship due to COVID-19.In my situation ,I can’t provide any evidence of my clinical experience so after taking PLAB can I apply for provisional registration and apply for Foundation Programme?

Hi,Did you know If I graduate from China and apply for Housemanship in Malaysia, will the gap between graduate and waiting the Gov for arranging us to Housemanship(at least half year) be affected to GMC registration?

Hi, I would guess it depends on your university on how you would do your pre-graduate internship to finally graduate. In Malaysia, there is no such thing as pre-graduate internship. The gap between graduation and housemanship in Malaysia should not be a problem since it is out of our control. You can write a letter stating the reason. As for UKFP, you would need to graduate from medical school first before you can start applying.


Thanks for replying
In my situation, I can only complete pre-graduated internship as online internship and get my certificate, so after graduate I need to complete Plab exam before apply for UKFP right?

Yes, you can only seat for PLAB once you finished medical school. Do note that PLAB seats are limited and people are fighting over exam seat.