Applying for GMC registration without internship!

Hello everyone,
I just wondering if it’s possible to apply for GMC without completing 12 months internship?
Cause I should wait one year after graduation to start working (as all Iraqi medical student do) which mean it may long for the end of 2024 to be able to apply for full GMC regeneration :frowning:

And what’s the difference between GMC registration types?

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Hi @Fatima!

Yes, you can. As you probably already know, there are two types of GMC registration: provisional and full.

UK graduates and IMG who did not complete an acceptable internship are eligible for provisional registration, whilst those who completed a valid internship before or after graduation get full registration.

In your case, if you choose not to start internship in your home country, you’ll be eligible for provisional registration and you can apply for UKFP alongside UK graduates. Bear in mind that you can’t apply for non training jobs with provisional registration.

Hope it was helpful🤗


You can read more here. So sorry I forgot to add it in the last post.

Have a nice day :sunny:

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