Appropriate time to apply for FY2 Standalone in the UK

Can anyone please help me with the timelines?

My internship in the home country will end in mid 2026. Can I apply for FY2 that starts in August in the same year or do I have to apply next year in 2027.

My plan was to apply for FY2 Standalone in Jan 2026, take a two month break from internship, give PLAB 2, ILS and get registered in the GMC in Apr, May and then come back and finish internship between June and Start working in a training job in Aug of 2026. This feels like a very far-fetched plan.

The other way where is giving PLAB 1, doing a clinical attachment, giving PLAB 2, ILS and getting registered with the GMC after Apr 2026. Then if I think about FY2 Standalone, I would be not having any job for about a year. I can definitely work in my home country for that time but that won’t be a productive use of my time. I would rather apply for non-training jobs in May 2026 and then give CREST and try for speciality training. [Would like to know how to switch from a non-training job to Speciality here]

Thank you for hearing my queries!