Building my CV in my home country for a better NHS job and possible IMT points

Hi. I am a Nepali doctor who is preparing for the PLAB exam. But due to
the covid backlog, the process has been taking a long time. I intend to
get into IMT, and I see there are multiple criteria that you are graded
upon, and fortunately I fulfill atleast some of them. I have already
published some case reports, am currently teaching Nursing students part
time and am part of an ongoing audit at my hospital. I also manage
Doctor rotas at my hospital(Apparently that’s leadership).

Will my experience here count in the IMT interviews? If no, then tough luck.
But if yes, How do I make it legit? I couldn’t find info on this issue anywhere else. Please help me if someone has any experience on this issue. Thanks

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Yes, all of those expieriences will definitely get counted. If I’m not wrong, you would need to get your claims signed off by a consultant who can vouch for you. Goodluck!

It’s good to know my experience in Nepal does count in the UK. But do the QIPAT form and the teaching experience need to be signed off by a GMC registered Consultant, or a doctor registered in Nepal Medical Council as a consultant will suffice?