Can I open GMC account before clearing OET and can add my OET result later

Hello, I am another query …My medical school is new and I was the student of first batch.
So it’s mostly possible my school is not registered in GMC.
But it is available in WDOMS. My OET exam is on 28 may and result will be issued on 17 june…my friend send me a pic where it was telling I need to open GMC account before 21 june if I want to apply for may 23.
What should I do?? Can I open GMC account beforehand and add my OET result later??
Or I will miss the chance…My school administration is very lazy and I am sure I won’t be able to complete this process in four days.
Please help me…I am very worried.

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Hello! You should write to the GMC directly to explain your situation :wink: if your school is already in the WDOMS it might be easier for them to assess its inclusion.

Read further here :sparkles: Good luck!