Chinese graduate in Chinese medium

Hi. I was a foreign student and completed my MBBS degree in China in Chinese medium. And did I year internship back in my country and got full registration. Now I’m planning to apply for GMC registration . Will the medium of MBBS (Chinese) be a problem to getting GMC registration? I have completed OET as well

It is not a problem … Gmc Does not have a problem with that at all…just submit your oet resullt and also give GMC access to your OET result

GMC registration can only be done after your plab 1 & 2 exams … now get your english exams and your start doing the plabs

I have already submitted the OET result. I have already got a job offer as a specialty doctor ( I have completed MD in Paediatrics) . Therefore I don’t have to do PLAB .
Highly appreciate your concern

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