CREST or FY2 for CT/ST

I have completed a 1 yr internship in my country. After plab to get into core or speciality training, is it compulsory to do fy2? I read about crest… Is crest to be done after plab 2? Can anyone give me a timeline as to what to do to get into speciality training ? (Fy2 alternative?)
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To get into specialty training in the UK at CT1/ST1 level, anyone has to prove that they have equivalent competency of a foundation doctor in the UK.

  • The doctors who are already in a UKFP training program - 2-year foundation training or 1-year FY2 Standalone they can show their FPCC, foundation program completion certificate as proof.
  • The doctors who are not in a training program has to show CREST, certificate of readiness to enter specialty training as proof.

What does it mean by FY2?

Foundation year 2 is a level of a doctor’s job. Generally from a UK/EEA graduate point of view, these doctors are in their 2nd year of UK’s internship. For an international doctor’s point of view, FY2 can mean a few things:

  • Same thing as a UK grad, as IMGs can join 2-year UKFP training as well.
  • FY2 Standalone, or FY2 LAT (locum appointment for Training), if an IMG join this 1-year training program.
  • Non-training job at the same responsibility of an FY2 doctor at a hospital, employed by the trust.

Non-training jobs can have different levels of responsibilities which is usually explained by the equivalent trainee level - FY1 level trust grade doctor, FY2 trust grade doctor, Trust grade CT1 doctor, Trust grade Specialist Registrar (ST3) etc.

If after PLAB 2 and GMC registration you choose to join FY2 standalone - you don’t have to think about CREST. If you join any of these types of non-training jobs at whatever level, you have to think about your CREST form signed before you can apply for specialty training posts.

If you still have confusion, you can watch these videos and post below.

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