Deferred start date for UKFP

I fullfiled my eligibilty criteria and already had a job offer to start in Aug 2023. However, the GMC delayed my provisional registration due to unforseen circumstances. Even though I now have the provisional registration, my offer has been withdrawn as I could not start on time. However, I stuck with the timelines, and this was all due to the delay by the GMC. I did not have the time to apply for UKFP 2024 because all this came on after the deadline was passed. Please guide me on what my options would be? Could I maybe appeal to someone because it was out of my control? The UKFPO suggests applying to UKFP 2025 which is absurd given that all this is not my fault. I am considering appealing for a delayed start. Would be grateful for any guidance.
Thank you.

Hi S, we would also like to gain further guidance. if it is possible for you to assist us regarding UKFPO application later? Since our timeline are much aligned. we have yet to graduate from China. Thanks again!

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hello. Yes I am happy to help. Let me know what you need help with.