Eligibility for GMC full registration

Hello and good day, I am Thavasimariselvam from India and I am about to enroll for an MD program in Philippines. According to current status, after graduation from Philippines I will do 12 months internship program in that country and then I will return to India and then I have to clear NEXT and also i have to do internship in India.

It sounds like, i will have internship for two years. would you please tell me… If I get two internship from two different country, am I eligible to get GMC full registration?

Hello! :sparkles:

Yes, you can be eligible for full registration as long as your internship fulfills the following criteria.

  • For internships 18 months or longer, you must spend 6 months in medicine and 6 months in surgery
  • Must be continuos practice in an approved training post, and you shouldn’t be absent for more than 20 days during the first year

You’ll have to provide a signed certificate detailing the dates and rotations of your internship in order to be considered by the GMC. It should be issued by the supervising body (e.g. your university) after completion of the programme

Hope this was helpful! You can read more about it here :blush: