Experience needed to be able to apply for GMC registration

Hello, I’m a graduate of medicine from the Philippines, and my premed was nursing. I’m currently doing my 1 year post graduate internship to be eligible to take our physician licensure exam. I’m considering taking the UKMLA 1, but I also want to move to the UK as early as possible. So after I passed the board exam, I’ve been thinking about applying to work as a UKRN for three years while I review for the UKMLA 1. This plan would offer advantages such as gaining hospital exposure in the UK, practicing my English communication skills, and becoming familiar with the hospital system, which may assist me in preparing for the UKMLA 2. My question is: Would my postgraduate internship after three years suffice the requirements to be able to apply for GMC registration? Do I need to return to the Philippines and work as a doctor to be able to apply as FY1 or FY2? Hoping for you insights, Thank you.

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