Foundation Program and Graduating from an EEA Affiliated University

Greetings ! I am Aleksandra i have studied medicine in the university of Lady of good counsel University in Tirane Albania which is an university that collaborates with the University of Tor Vergata Rome Italy ,I have licensed in university of Bologna Alma Mater Studiorum ,with the title Doctor of Medicine .I am interested in starting Foundation program of medicine in UK( F1 ). Do i need in these circumstances to sit PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 ? Thank you in advance


Hi @A.nova92, welcome to the forum!

If your university is collaborated with an Italian university then you have to make sure your diploma is awarded by them (the Italian University) and it has a title of Diploma di Laurea in medicina e chirurgia (graduate in medicine and surgery).

If you have a diploma titled above issued by an Italian university - then you can provisional GMC registration just on the basis of that (and proof of English Language by means of IELTS/OET)- you do not need to take PLABs.

All you need to do is send GMC the diploma and have your English Language exam ready.

Feel free to ask questions.

You’ll find further details about graduation from an Italian University here.


Thank you very much for your answer ! For exam language do i need IElTS or OET ?i have heard recently that has changed and they accept only OET i don’t know if is it true…also another question :smiling_face: how can i make sure that my university is awarded by an italian university ? I need to proof it by myself ,or GMC proofs that this with the university ? Thank you very much for your time !

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Both are accepted. But you have to remember that the requirement to apply for UKFPO is higher than applying for GMC registration.

You should already know where your degree is awarded from. If it is not awarded by an Italian University then it’s unlikely that your pathway will follow without taking PLABs.

The easiest way is to look at your final medical diploma, the piece of paper/certificate which states that you are a medical graduate.

  • Which university it is from? Is it an Italian University?
  • What is the title of the degree? Is it Diploma di Laurea in medicina e chirurgia?
  • Who was it awarded to? It’s you.
  • When was it awarded? It has a date.
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How can i send my pictures of diploma privately to you ? Just to have a look on it ?