Gap between graduation and internship start?

Thanks for establishing this forum, R2UK! I recently passed PLAB1 this past November and I’m planning out PLAB2 preparation. One concern I have is that I haven’t yet completed an internship. I completed medical school on June 26, 2020 (date of passing final cumulative Revalida) but will be starting internship in a few weeks time, Feb 1, 2022. This is about a 19 month gap. Will this gap between completing medical school and internship be a problem in obtaining GMC registration?

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For your internship to get accepted, GMC asks for it to happen immediately after graduation.

You will be asked to provide accounts for why there was a gap in between your graduation and internship and unfortunately no one else other than GMC can guide you regarding what will happen.

And even more frustrating thing is, GMC will not be able to guide you properly unless you finally apply for registration.

There can be two outcomes:

  1. GMC takes your explanation into consideration and asks for further evidence to support your internship and finally accepts it.

  2. GMC doesn’t accept your internship and asks you to apply for provisional registration. (which will allow to apply gor UKFP)


Thank you very much for your quick reply, Ibrahim!

Truth be told, I’m a bit more anxious now with the knowledge that GMC may not recognize the internship program I’m about to start in just a few weeks. I agree fully that it’s frustrating not being able to have guidance directly from GMC before undertaking this year long endeavor overseas (I’m from the USA but did my medical school in the Philippines where I’ll be returning to complete the internship).

Have you and Ibreez ever come across any fellow colleagues that have had a similar situation and were successful (or not) in gaining registration?

We have come across individuals who had more than a year gap between graduation and internship but they had to provide extensive proof of their internship with the GMC provided forms.

And to be honest, if you take PLAB exams to apply for registration and the internship itself is continuous and fills all other criteria and you explain your circumstances well, there is a good chance it will be accepted.

Good luck!


I appreciate your reply, Ibrahim. I’ll update this thread in 12 to 18 months time once I complete internship / PLAB2 and apply for full registration with the GMC. I hope I find success! Thank you for all of time and guidance you provide via your platform.