Gap between graduation and registration

I have a gap of 6 months between the date of my graduation and obtaining permanent registration due to covid pandemic in India. This was in the year 2020. During this gap, I also worked as a medical officer to address the shortage of doctors. GMC has asked me to issue a letter from the medical council stating I was eligible to work prior to gaining registration but they won’t do that.

Will there be an issue? Will I be denied the registration? What else can I do?

Hi @Bunny_Bhukya! Thanks for posting your query here.

GMC is very serious about granting registration to candidates. Is there anyone in the medical council who can vouch that graduate doctors can work for a period of time without their license? This might help your case better. Otherwise, call GMC on the number and talk to an agent directly. I’m sure there must be other people with similar problems and they figured out a solution for them.


If your work was ethical and you worked for a good cause(shortage of doctors), as you said, you should not be denied GMC registration. I think, you should get a letter written from the place you worked that your work was genuine and required at that time even without registration.
You can show this letter to medical council and let them know that your work was genuine and required a

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