GMC based on Post graduate Qualification with internship gap

Hi everyone…
I am an anaesthesiologist and wish to apply for GMC Registration through PGQ pathway. I have an acceptable postgraduate qualification. I have a problem with a gap of 151 days during my internship with 2 electives for total 60 days and, 60 days for USMLE Step 2 CS, with 31 days leaves for taking care of my home while it was undergoing repairs and renovation during my internship.
I have total continuous anaesthetic work experience of 3 years 10 months today.
Will I have issues registering with the GMC?
Thank you and Regards.

For PGQ pathway, the internship may not be an issue. Even without that, you will be able to show 2 years of continuous postgraduate work experience so I would say it’s covered.

As I don’t know your case/situation completely, please don’t be completely reassured by a forum comment. But with the info provided here, it seems okay.

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Thank you. This is helpful for further steps of the registration process. They have still asked me for internship before my PGQ evidence. I hope it shouldn’t be a problem.

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