GMC Registration and Internship

  1. How do we get to know if the Internship Certificate given by our University is acceptable by GMC or not?
  2. Is there going to be any problem while GMC registration if someone applies for UKFP even after an internship, provided the individual wants to start with a training job rather than going through the FY2- standalone pathway?

To answer your first question, you must have done at least 12 months’ continuous medical practice in an approved training post in a public hospital. You must have done this either immediately before or after you graduated. Your internship must have included:

  • at least three months in medicine and three months in surgery, which lasted between 12 and 18 months, or
  • at least six months in medicine and six months in surgery, which lasted for 18 months or longer
    This is the acceptable pattern of internship GMC requires.

NB: Obs and Gyn, Orthopaedics, Urology are all surgical allied courses. So it doesn’t necessarily mean your General Surgery rotation should be 3 months. For example, my schools’ general surgery last 2 months, orthopedics 1month, Urology 1mo, meaning I have 4 months of surgical rotation. This also applies to medicine allied courses, like Internal Medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, and the rest.
In a nutshell, you should check your internship rotation with the criteria above.

To your second question:
After an acceptable pattern of internship which I have explained above, you are qualified for a Full License, which can only be used for a non-training job and FY2-standalone.

UKFP is for only those who don’t have an acceptable pattern of internship or those who didn’t do an internship and has been granted a provisional license by GMC. The moment you are eligible for a full license, you are out of the equation.


Is this pattern of clinical rotation valid for registration?
This is the internship certificate provided by our university to one of our seniors.

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Clinical rotations (or clerkships) are NOT internship. The document you added here is not showing that you have completed an internship.

As @Edd1z said, internship has to be an approved training period where you are allowed to work as a doctor.

Not going through clinical rotations to learn different topics rather actually have the responsibility to see the patients and get involved in their care.


In my country (and I guess that in many others) we call it internship, I didn’t know this. So, I have a question… Is it possible to get a gmc account after finishing the 5 years of medicine and being in the middle of the rotations? Since booking plab is too difficult I have considered the idea of creating an account and taking the oet now, then book a plab seat

You can try creating an account but I’m not sure whether the system allows you to put a passed date on your degree in the future.

Please follow the article here on how to open a GMC online account.

ear Doctors
, I have submitted all the documents needed for GMC full registration. But they have told me to correct the date of my provisional registration date. BMDC issued a date of my provisional registration which is long after I finished my Interni ship. I have passed from Armed forces medical college and we usually did our provisional later. I had a scholarship so after internship I did not do the provisional registration and did it once I was doing the full registration.
But I have my internship completion certificate from Dec 2005-Dec 2006.
Provisional registration date 2013
Full registration 2013.
Please suggest me what to do.
BMDC has told they can’t change the date from data base. Now what can I do?