GMC Registration and Investigation team queries

Respected fellow Drs.
I am a Chinese medical graduate with pre grad internship in Pakistan. I am being asked tons of question about my pre-graduate internship by the GMC investigation team. One of those questions is a question which I am finding hard to explain. the question states

Evidence of how they oversaw the pre-graduate internship that took place in Pakistan including:

    1. How they ensured that the quality of training the student received in Pakistan was comparable to the quality of training that the student would have received in China.*

it would be appreciated if you could help me in this matter.
many thanks.


I’m currently facing a similar issue, anyone with solutions should please let us know.

I was asked to provide agreements that my school had in place with the hospital I did my pre-graduate internship but I’m not sure what this is about. Please is it possible you send a proof if you have it if what my school is supposed to send. My email is Thank you

I would appreciate if you could send your email so we can communicate further or if you send me an email. Thanks a lot.

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