GMC Registration denial

Can an IMG reapply for GMC registration with PLAB pathway after being denied and exhausted the appeal process for other overseas licensing exams such as MCCQE or USMLE?


Thanks for posting in the forum. Could you please clarify if you had applied for GMC registration in the past?

I have not applied yet, but I was trying to see if I should go for the full registration or the provisional registration. I thought if I go for full registration and I got denied for internship reasons, can I reapply for provisional registration after the full registration denial is complete?

In that case, you’ll have two options. Either to repeat your internship again in a pattern acceptable by GMC or apply for UKFP and get accepted which grants a provisional registration anyways.

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My PLAB 2 will expire in October 2023. I have not done internship yet. Due to Covid my graduation got delayed. Without doing UKFPO can we get provisional registration and do internship in our country?

I mean have I got to get full registration before PLAB 2 expires? Or is provisional registration sufficient

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