Gmc registration on spouse visa

Hey! Hope you’re doing well! I have no idea but I’m a bit hopeful that I’ll get a reply from you guys! I’m a Pakistani graduate with 3 years of clinical experience moved to uk on a spouse visa! Can you please guide me how can I work here in the hospital or have gmc registration other than plab?

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Hello! These are the different ways you can get GMC registered with a license to practice :wink:

You can apply for jobs which do not require GMC registration but they will not involve practice of medicine or patient contact. If you’ve finished an overseas residency program your best choice is to request your registration as a Specialist or GP.

You will still need to verify your Primary or Postgraduate Qualification via EPIC and provide evidence of your English proficiency.

Check out the following links as well which will clarify the registration process
How to apply for GMC Registration
GMC Registration - Evidence to support your application

Hope this helped! :sparkles: