GMC registration without EPIC ECFMG verification

Hi all, I am a china MBBS graduate, I would like to know if I’m eligible for GMC registration if the ECFMG has rejected to verify my medical education credentials, Medical degree, transcript etc. My university is listed on WDOMS and has ECFMG’s sponsor note as eligible for verification or certification. It is also listed on ECFMG’S Reference Guide to Medical Education Credentials, however when I applied for verification I was rejected, reason: my medical degree bears sub-texts: majored in disciplines of clinical traditional chinese to and clinical western medicine" though the degree title is MBBS. I went to a university that offers both traditional chinese medicine and conventional clinical medicine, I however only studied conventional western clinical medicine as evident on my medical transcript. It’s important to note that according to GMC listing on degrees eligible or ineligible, my medical degree does not appear on any black or grey list. I am thus unable to make a determination if I’ll be eligible for GMC registration if the ECFMG would not grant me the EPIC ECFMG verification report. Has anyone experienced this? Thanking you for any advise you might be able to offer.

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Dr Pfarelo

At one point you are saying that your degree contains subtext as both chinese traditional and western medicine and at the other place you are saying you graduated only in western medicine. These two different opinions in your comment are not correlating. However, I think you should call ECFM and make your point clear with them. They should verify your degree if it is not in their red flags.

Perhaps you’ve misunderstood what it is that I’m saying.
I graduated from an otherwise Traditional Chinese medicine University that offers both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and MBBS with/without integrated TCM modules such as Moxibustion, Acupuncture etc. as electives, should a student be interested. I’ve only ever studied conventional western clinical medicine at the international college of the said university.

The MBBS degree awarding university is listed on both World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS) with ECFMG sponsor notes and ECFMG’s Reference Guide to Medical Education Credentials as eligible.
So this is a degree that the ECFMG has been accepting and verifying for the past 53 years with no issues.

When I engaged with ECFMG to provide reasons for rejection of my degree verification request, they are unable to provide any besides that “the ECFMG had determined to stop verifying the degree I now hold”, I’ve tried to have the matter escalated to senior officials at the ECFMG for the past 3 years without success. I was wondering if there’s any graduate who’s been in a similar situation.

See picture insert of the translated medical degree below.

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