GMC requirement from Chinese Graduates

I passed my plab 2 on November 6th 2023 and applied for GMC registration on the same day they kept on asking me for different documents and it has been 5 months my case is still there recently they asked for the PMQ form which I filled out and submitted and now want me to submit my internship certificate from my uni (which I did in Pakistan ) along with few question they asked which are as follows

1. Dates of each of your internship rotations.
2. Number of clock hours completed in each of your internship rotations.
3. Location of each of your internship rotations.
4. Confirmation of whether students always complete their pre-graduate internship in a different country or whether there is a provision for a student to complete their pre-graduate internship in China if they choose.
5. On what basis do they allow students to complete their pre-graduate internship training outside of China.
6. Evidence of how they oversaw the pre-graduate internship that took place in Pakistan including:
*** 1. how they were able to maintain oversight of the clinical rotations.***
*** 2. How they ensured that the quality of training the student received in Pakistan was comparable to the quality of training that the student would have received in China.***
*** 3. Explanation of how they were able to evaluate the internship that the doctor undertook in Pakistan.***
7. Confirmation of whether the doctor would be eligible to sit the NMLE in China based on their qualification from their institution.

I was able to fill out the rest in a template form however I don’t know how to answer the points 4,5 and 6 . if anyone went through this I would appreciate any help regarding this

I wrote this. kindly clarify if its right or not.
• The student completed all aspects of their bachelor program through in-person attendance, without any involvement in distance learning or online courses.
• Students are allowed to do internship in another country based upon the article of Ministry of education of China. The Article states as “The institutions shall meticulously organize the reasonable arrangement of the internship. The duration of the internship is one year (at least 48 weeks). The institutions can arrange the students to do their internships in the teaching hospitals of the host institutions or the teaching hospitals affiliated with the medical institutions approved by the Ministry of Health abroad. The institutions shall be strict in accordance with the plans to develop internship contents and requirements, and keep abreast of the development in the internship. After completing the internship, international students must take the graduation examination arranged by the host institution”.
• Students are given the choice to conduct their internship either in China or in their home country. It is recommended, however, that they opt for hospitals where training programs are accredited by their respective medical regulatory bodies. Thus, ensuring that the standards of Internship are as per China.
• Before starting their internship, a comprehensive agreement is signed by the student, the hospital, and the institute. This agreement outlines all aspects of the internship program, and students are required to maintain a logbook that is regularly reviewed by their supervisors. This structured approach ensures careful oversight of the pre-graduate internship process.
• After finishing the internship, students are subjected to a thorough evaluation process that involves a well-structured test. The test is designed to assess both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Passing this examination is mandatory for graduation and confirms that the student has acquired the essential competencies that meet our standards.

Doctor, i have got similar queries. May I ask what did you do for the point 7??

Certainly . I am sharing what my university gave me
But i am unable to upload here . Please share your email
Thanks a ton Doctor, it would indeed be a great help

Please confirm did you receive my email or not ? …

Yes, thank you for the email. I truly appreciate this help

Hie there! Can you kindly email me the document you got from your University. Having the same challenges. Did you manage to make the 5500 clock hours from your University?

5500 are not difficult for Chinese university . As 4500 are your academic hours . 1800 are around clinical clerkship and rest your pre graduate internship . And please mention your email here so that i can send you template

Thanks for your response, my email is

Doctors I am really concerned about the exact sentence that GMC wants us to be mentioned in the certificate. Has anyone else gotten that certificate from the University and received a GMC registration? This probation period is working in a hospital 1 year after your graduation( is not the internship). It’s killing me…anyone able to guide or suggest a way out

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