Got the IELTS score needed. What's next?

Hello there! I just passed my IELTS exam with an overall of 8 and a minimum of 7 in every category (writing, reading, listening, speaking). What is the next step? I am a General Practitioner in México. I believe I have to register in the GMC platform. But still I am asking so that I can take the correct route. @danym since you are Mexican, I was hoping you could help me. :pray:t4:

Hi there! i have no response on this, I am also wondering if anyone could help me with what is the best way to prepare for the new UKMLA?

Hello Alvaro! I apologise for the late reply

Congratulations for passing your english exam! :hugs: :sparkles: Getting registered with the GMC will vary depending on your experience.

In general, if you have not completed speciality training in Mexico you’ll have to get registered via PLAB (soon to be MLA from 2024 onwards) route. There’s an article that explains this with much more detail here

You should log into your GMC account and upload your english exam results so they can get verified, you’ll then be able to book PLAB 1. The demand is quite high for this exam so you’ll need to check GMC’s guidance regarding the release of places if there’s none available.

Note that PLAB will be replaced by MLA and I don’t know how the GMC will proceed when it comes to booking it, so you’ll need to keep your eyes open for updates :eyes: Check out this video for further input about studying …

Hope that was helpful :sparkles:

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Thank you so much for your reply!
I have opened my GMC account and I am waiting for verification of my IELTS score.
Thanks for sending the video, I will see it as soon as I can.
For what I have seen, chances are that my Plab1 will be in 2024. I think I still have time, how much time would you consider to be appropriate for studying for Plab 1? I think I will purchase the new UKMLA Qbank.

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