Hello Everyone Hope you are doing well πŸ‡¦πŸ‡«

Hello Everyone hope you are doing well !!

This is Maryam Frogh from kabul Afghanistan :afghanistan: final year medical student at Kabul University of Medical Sciences-KUMS. I am in my final year and hoping for our universities to reopen and dreaming for the day when I finally say YES
I finished it !!!:expressionless:
Its been a long journey with lots of ups and downs lately I was so disappointed because schools and universities are closed ,but then I made my mind to see and create my own hope and light.
I believe every nightmare has an end and every darkness leads us to a brighter future, these dark days are also a opportunity for the brightest star to outshine. I am sure it’s only by team work and helping each other that we can get where we want. That’s why I believe in becoming a NHS doctor while helping and transferring my knowledge to my fellows every where especially in Afghanistan because I know they are all fighting a battle mentally or physically. Thanks to Road to UK for giving the opportunity :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.


Hi @275MaryamFrogh ! Stay strong! I’m sure it will all be ok in the near future and you’ll manage to achieve everything you wish for! Soon enough you’ll be a great doctor! Sending you my best wishes and good thoughts! :hugs:


Hello doctor hope that you will be fine and doing well!
really felt happy to see you in this platform I am also from Afghanistan and want to become a doctor in the UK ( NHS ). I have recently graduated from university and currently doing my house job as you know the universities in Afghanistan provides MD degree in medicine so now i want to make GMC online Account and they asked for Passed date and finished date now i am confused that is internship also included in passed date or just university graduation date is our passed date?

I thought that you will be the right person to be asked because you really know the situation.

or if anyone else have any idea regarding this query i am eagerly waiting for ant response.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Dr.Noman

Thanks for reaching to me and accept my apology for the delay.
I would be very grateful to help you reach your goal ,and as medical student in Afghanistan I truly understand the situation and system .as I know if internship is a part of curriculum to be graduated than we are not able to sit for plab one .
Futher more I have made a Facebook group(Road to UK-Afghanistan ) to solve and have supportive community for students who want to sit for plab and soon I will be hosting a zoom meeting with dr Ibrahim and dr ibreez and there you could ask your questions.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions, comments or concerns.

Maryam frogh

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