IELTS Academic or UKVI Academic

Hello everyone, I’m new to this platform so I don’t know if someone had already asked this question.

I want to take the IELTS so as to register for my GMC account but I read somewhere that I have to specifically do “IELTS UKVI academic”. Is that true or can I just do the IELTS Academic.

Also can I take the IELTS Academic from home or do I have to take a computer based test or paper test

You can take IELTS Academic or UKVI, it’s your choice. Computer based and paper-based are both equally valid, but make sure you get all the desired bands in one sitting.

Thank you Poorvi, can I also ask how long it takes to open a GMC account?

Not very long. Maybe half an hour. But keep all your details handy ao you can fill them up promptly when asked. That way it’ll be faster.