Internship Gap and GMC registration

Hello doctors!
I had a doubt to clarify about whether my internship pattern would be acceptable for GMC registration.
I have completed my 12 months of internship according to GMC’s requirements. However I had to do an extension for a period of 13 days almost 1.5 months after my actual internship got over. The reason for the extension is that I had travelled abroad during internship and my college has a bizzare zero leave policy during internship unless it is for ill-health. And only when I actually finisht my internship, we were informed of this rule and hence I had no choice but to do the extension forced on me by my college.

Will this be an issue with GMC registration later? Kindly educate me on the same and how to go about this.

It’s rather subjective but present the reasons with proper evidence and perhaps, a letter from your college explaining the leave and their “no leave policy”

It was a short period thus, unlikely to fall into an unacceptable pattern. GMC does allow gaps during internship if you have legitimate reasons.

Goodluck! xx

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