Internship letter

Dear Doctors
, I have submitted all the documents needed for GMC full registration. But they have told me to correct the date of my provisional registration date. BMDC issued a date of my provisional registration which is long after I finished my Interni ship. I have passed from Armed forces medical college and we usually did our provisional later. I had a scholarship so after internship I did not do the provisional registration and did it once I was doing the full registration.
But I have my internship completion certificate from Dec 2005-Dec 2006.
Provisional registration date 2013
Full registration 2013.
Please suggest me what to do.
BMDC has told they can’t change the date from data base. Now what can I do?

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Can someone tell me what is the worth of 3 months rotation in Medical ICU during house job? Does that enhance your CV and help you later on when applying for jobs in the NHS?