Mrcem from india apollo hospital

Hello Everyone
My self Anas
I am from INDIA
I have completed my PMQ from KYRGYZSTAN
I am done with my 1 year compulsory rotating INTERNSHIP

Now my question is
1 Can i go to UK by MRCEM route instead of PLAB

2 APOLLO HOSPITAL INDIA is providing 3 year residency course according to them, we can give mrcem primary intermediate and osce here in INDIA
and we can continue to ST4 step from uk

3 Is this valid in UK acc to apollo it is valid they are saying this 3 year residency program will lead you to ST4 in UK

4 is there any one who went from this pathway, if yes please help me

5 apollo hospital india will take 1.5 lac inr (1500£)from us for full course, and will give 24000 inr (240£)
As a stipend every month

Please guide me