MRCS registration

Hello, I was checking how to register for the MRCS A, to be eligible I must have a medical degree acceptable to the boards of the four faculties, I checked, my university is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools.

What I don’t know is how to generate that certificate, can anyone help me? thank you.

Not very confident on that however, if it is listed in WDMS, that should be enough. Does it say anywhere if you need to have ECFMG verified? Otherwise, perhaps it’s fine.

First-time applicants whose names do not appear on the registers of the GMC or Medical Council (Ireland) must submit their original certificate (or an authenticated copy) of a medical degree acceptable to the councils of the four colleges by email to [](javascript:return false).

This comes up, but I’m not sure, thank you for always answering me hahahahahaha * It really helps a lot, I am very lost.