MTI -> Permanent Registration

Can I apply for MTI and while working and gaining experience, can I give my PLAB and get Permanent GMC registration instead of opting for UKFP?

Hello @aasrithvarma !

You must have GMC registration in order to work in the UK, whether it is provisional or full. That means, you cannot apply to IMT without it.

To be able to get registered by the GMC you must have finished medical school and passed either ILETS or OET and both PLABS.

Whether you obtain full or provisional registration depends on you having done a correct pattern of internship

If your pattern of internship is not valid or you have not done it, you must apply to UKFP to acquire foundation year competencies

After, you need to work on having your CREST signed to apply for IMT training. And yes, you can apply to IMT while working if you fulfill all the requierements.

Please let me know if I have answered your questions!

Gabriela :slight_smile:

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