Negotiating first NHS job salary - How exactly?

Hello Ibrahim, Ibreez and everyone
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I’m an IMG from Israel, graduated in EU in 2018 and since have 3 years of postgraduate experience (1 year internship + 2 years in general medicine/Covid)

Got my GMC earlier this year and been desperately applying for jobs since March with no success. That is until last Thursday.

I currently have 2 job offers -

  1. FY2 Gastro + Colorectal surgery in Taunton - 34K salary per trac job listing

  2. Clinical education fellow 50:50 with Geriatrics/Respiratory - Hereford - 40K salary per official offer

I also have a GM ST3+ (Camberley) and EM JCF (London) interviews next week, 34-52K and 40-52k per Trac

I plan to most likely pursue IMT training, I imagine any of the posts would serve me well right? Any specific considerations that can help me decide between the different posts? the cities? weather? distance from London (only place with direct flights to Israel)

I’ll be moving to the UK early July. I prefer Taunton for personal reasons (partner bff works at the same hospital), but hate surgery and would really enjoy the teaching in the CEF. there’s also a 6K difference in salary.

MOST IMPORTANTLY - as a morbid people pleaser, how do I exactly negotiate a salary? I feel like if I can get the Taunton job to pay me 40k (MN3) then I’d be a lot more comfortable just going for that job. (maybe moving to a different one before I rotate to surgery in February if I can’t make it into IMT this year?)

I only talked to the consultant so far but haven’t been contacted by HR with an offer, Do I wait for the offer first? Do I talk to the consultant (I’d hate to sound ungrateful tho), and what exactly do I say?

Sorry for rambling and thanks in advance :pray:

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@SultanAlushi congratulations with all the offers and prospects so far. Amazing!

So first things first, you can hardly negotiate the pay for these type of contract basis job. The job itself was most likely created with it’s mark on the annual budget and unfortunately it’s not that flexible to change.

All you can do is ask, “Is the salary negotiable?” When they send you a conditional offer letter.

Some trusts might send you documents to your references or your current supervising consultants to certify how much of clinical work experience you have but for majority of the trusts they may not do this and plainly say it’s not negotiable.

Having said that, there are other things which should influence you choosing you job which you can find here Finalizing your First NHS Job.

Good luck.