Non-training job in UK as an IMG

Hi! Hope you’re having a good day!
I am a soon to be EU medical graduate (in June).So I am trying to look for non-training jobs in the UK. My final year of medicine is equivalent to FY1, however, being students, we don’t do much physical clinical work like doctors at the hospitals like ABG, cannulations, admissions or other procedures. Rather we observe them and just do physical examinations of inpatients and observe surgeries. How can I input these into applications as they would consider me to be non-competent to be an FY2/ST/CT1 level trust doctor?
I also did a 2 month elective placement in the UK in surgery & OBGYN to gain valuable experience and skills.
Any advice would be highly appreciated!

Hi @dj13juniordoc!

If you feel confident enough, you can always go for a FY2 or ST1 level job, start with a period of shadowing and work on your practical skills. The UK system is anyway different from the one in our home countries so learning everything from the beginning is the best way. I’m sure the electives helped you a lot, try a clinical attachments. Just add in your application whatever you feel is counted as experience and be as honest as you can, you don’t have to lie about anything. Try to spend more time in the hospital until graduation and observe everything.

However, you can find a FY1 job and be as safe as possible, start slowly and learn in your own time.

Everything is manageable if we are motivated enough and love our work.

Good luck in everything and have a great day! :sunny: