Observership in the Uk

Hi Everyone! i’m currently 4th year medical student and plan to apply for Observership in the UK.Is there anyone who have experience or already done with the Observership . i want to know about how i can apply for the observership and secondly if someone have relative in Uk and who is doctor there so can he sponsor me for my observership or i can need recommendation letter from consultant ,lastly ielts/OET it will be necassary while doing Obervership in the UK or not ?

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Hi @DrHamza!

Being a medical student, you’ll be searching for an elective placement. After graduation you’ll be able to join an observership/ clinical attachment.

In order to get a placement you can search Google for medical schools around the UK and look on their websites for electives. They usually have a lot of info about those. Also, you can email them and ask about their programmes.

Yes. Most medical schools ask for a proof of language proficiency. But make sure to ask about it and what is acceptable.

Hope it was helpful. Don’t hesitate to come back if there’s anything more you’d like to know.
Best wishes and good luck! :cherry_blossom: