Other jobs before GMC registration

Hello, I am from Kerala, India.I have my plab 1 exam scheduled in February at Manchester. But I am actually coming to UK this October for a one year masters program in diabetology and I plan to clear plab 1 & 2 during the meantime.I would like to know the possibility of any health related jobs as part-time during this student route visa period.I heard we will be able to work as phlebotomist, theatre nursing assistant etc with a settlement visa. But with student visa, any chances??

Hi @Jisna_Vincent!

Yes, you can work on student visa in the UK, but you can only be employed on a temporary basis, not a permanent contract.

Bear in mind that If you hold a Student visa for a part time course you will not have the right to undertake any work in the UK.

Find more info about the requirements
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