Plab 1 in 2023 and PLAB 2 in 2024

If I do PLAB 1 in June 2023 and then I’d want to do PLAB 2 in May 2024,considering that UKMLA will be officiated by the time of my PLAB 2, will that make my PLAB 1 result null?

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Hello @Pat!

First, you’ll need to know that the MLA is separated in two parts: AKT and the CPSA.

There are basically two possibilities:

  1. If the PLAB1 is passed by that time, you can take The clinical and professional skills assessment (CPSA) instead of PLAB2.

  2. If the PLAB2 is failed, you’ll start the MLA from the beginning, with the AKT. Be careful, as there is a limited amount of times you can take the AKT and the PLAB1 counts as well.

You can find all the info regarding the MLA here.

Good luck and best wishes!:hugs::cherry_blossom:

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