Postgraduate Qualification for Registration

Hello! I would greatly appreciate it if somebody can help answer my query or share their experiences if they have been in a similar situation.

If a doctor completes the MRCS exam (passed both part A and B), which is equivalent to an acceptable postgraduate qualification, but does not have an acceptable internship pattern according to GMC’s standards (i.e., 12 months continuous medical practice or 2 years continuous postgraduate medical practice), are they able to gain full GMC registration?
From my understanding, based on what GMC has published in their website, it seems possible? :thinking:

Hi Alice! AFAIK yes it is possible to get a full registration. PGQ does not overlap with PLAB requirements and GMC registration. Goodluck! xx

Thank you very much for responding, Tasneem. Does it mean a valid internship or postgraduate work experience is not required when registering using a postgraduate qualification?

Not sure about PG experience, but please double-check with GMC regarding this. Internship should not matter if you have sufficient PGQ.

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