Priority PLAB1 Seat

Would applying for F2 standalone qualify for a priority PLAB 1 seat? The guidance document states that PLAB1 must already be completed prior to applying to the F2 standalone program.
So does that mean getting a priority PLAB1 seat would only be feasible if applying to the 2 year UKFP?

Yes exactly. You cannot apply for the standalone without passing PLAB 1, so there would be no provision for priority.

Hi, yes your are right. In the UKFP 2023 application guidelines it says and I am going to copy paste here: “Applicants who do not already have a PLAB 1 booking should (1) submit an Eligibility application and (2) email asking for access to available PLAB 1 places attaching the email confirmation from Oriel to show you have submitted your Eligibility application to the UKFPO”. This is because the GMC actually does give some sense of priority to IMG who have already passed their Oriel application towards the UKFP. Nevertheless, in the same guideline they say that we shoudn´t take for granted that there will be available seats. Best of luck!