Spouse visa uk / Plab 1 seats / NHS Jobs

Dear Honorable Sir/Madam ,

I’m a Pakistan Medical council registered Doctor, I graduated in June/2020 from my medical school and completed my one year of houseJob in Pakistan (which equals FY1) in August 2021.

My wife is currently an FY1 in uk and has applied for my spouse visa already. I have applied for OET which is dated on 9/April/2022, so the results will be published by the end of April/2022 . I have some queries regarding my carrier as a doctor in uk from this point onwards.

If my OET score comes out to be that which is required of Doctors (350 each) in uk by the end of April

1: Is there any chance that I would get a plab 1 seat in uk in this year(2022) ? Bcz I will be in uk by May or June /2022 .
the gmc page says all seats are booked for 2022 which means I will be waiting for 2023 and literally doing nothing in uk . Which will future damage my career as a doctor

2: secondly if there is no seats available for 2022 , is there any alternate for people who are in my position and are living in uk with there spouses?
Is there any other job which people who are in my position can do to avoid clinical gaps ?